Gertie’s Zipper Front Dress Review


And spring has arrived! After two weeks of chilly, wintery weather, the balmy spring days have returned. Which is fitting considering that yesterday, March 20th, was the first official day of spring. I know there will probably be several more cold days, but I am so excited to see those days becoming less and less. Today I have one of my top favorite dresses that I have ever made for myself. It is the zipper-front dress from Gertie Sews Vintage Casual. Continue reading

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New Podcast Episode and Minerva Crafts February Make

Hello everyone,

I have a couple things to share with you today. The first is my Minerva Crafts make for February.

Aren’t these stuffed animals adorable? You can read all about them in my blog post on the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network site.

Also, I have just uploaded another podcast episode. Finally! I feel like it has taken forever to get this up. Between working and getting used to a new schedule, is has been difficult to find time to film.


Have a jolly day!


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Hydrangeas – Gertie’s Princess Seam Dress


One of the biggest perks of knowing how to sew is the ability to make beautiful dresses for my sister. She fell in love with this hydrangea print fabric when we stopped by Hancock fabrics during their closing sales last year. We purchased three yards and had just enough to squeeze out this dress. Literally, there was nothing more than a few small scraps left. The only way I managed it was due to the princess seam bodice which means multiple small pieces. Continue reading

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Simplicity 8013 Pattern Review

I shall just forewarn you, my dear readers, this is going to be a slightly picture heavy post.  My wonderful sister managed to capture some fantastic photographs with my parents’ camera, and it is amazing how much of a difference a real camera vs. an iPhone camera makes! Before I get into the pattern review, let me show you the dress:

simplicity-80131 Continue reading

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Preparing for Holiday

You may well be wondering why I didn’t post on Monday. I just started working at a new job (Yay!), and I am getting ready to go visit my family for almost a week. Between a new schedule and last minute sewing, posting simply slipped my mind. Besides, I haven’t actually managed to get any pictures of my newest sewing projects. My husband has been very busy at work, and since I use my iPhone for photos, I can’t set it up on a tripod. But, while I am at my family’s house, my sister and I are planning to take tons of pictures, enough for two or three blog posts!

I might not have a blog post up next Monday. It depends on if all my crazy siblings let my slip away for a moment to upload one! I am going to try, but, if not, I will be sure to be back to my normal posting schedule the week after. I am going to leave you with a few snapshots from my Instagram. Despite the lack of official photographic evidence, I have been keeping busy!

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Gray Beach Days: Andi Satterlund’s Miette Cardigan

As you can see, these pictures definitely aren’t of the beach! Hopefully you aren’t too disappointed. . . With the mix of oranges, blues, and the grey edgings, I’ve found this cardigan to remind me of those days when the sun is peeping out between dark beautiful storm clouds over a rolling aquamarine ocean. Which explains why I am calling it my Grey Beach Days Cardigan.

1img_6515 Continue reading

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Watercolor Painting: Baby Dear

Hello everyone!

As you may be aware, one of my many hobbies is watercolor painting. I love to give hand painted cards to friends and family members for any special occasions. Often times, I find painting to be very relaxing after working on sewing or knitting. There aren’t any special instructions I have to follow. I simply pick something I want to recreate, and dabble away! This little painting is based on an illustration by Eloise Wilkin found in the adorable little picture book called Baby Dear.


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