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Choosing Not to be a “Pinterest-Perfect” Blogger

Hello my dears,

I haven't the faintest idea on what to write about today. I know I want to write something, but my mind is just a blank!

I could talk about the glorious smell of the rain sprinkling down outside. Or plopping on the floor in front of our big window in the foyer attempting to capture a picture of the elusive male cardinal that frequents our bird feeder. Or perhaps I could tell you how much I am enjoying working away on my shawl test knit. But that all seems so inconsequential.

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Yarn Dyeing Days

Hello my dears,

Today was one of those days where everything seemed just a wee bit crazy! I spent the majority of the afternoon/early evening dyeing up new yarn colorways. While waiting for colors and speckles to set, I did a bit of knitting on a couple pairs of socks I have on the needles, read part of a murder mystery, chatted with some of my family via FaceTime, and generally kept very busy. 

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A Lemon Agnes – September 2017 Make for Minerva Crafts Blogger Network

Hello my dear friends!

Despite my general silence on the interwebs, I have definitely be busy! But less on crafty things and more on practical, moving and packing things. We have officially moved house and I am hoping to get my studio set up post-haste! Unfortunately it is currently in shambles while the walls await a much needed paint job.

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Thoughts at the End of Me-Made-May 2017

And May has come to an end. Did you participate in Me Made May this year? I did, and it was a little tougher than normal. I got sick, and work was crazy stressful which zapped much of my creative energy reserves. (Enough so that I am looking at getting another job very soon, but I will give a better update on that later.) It was a frustrating and amazing month all at the same time!

Holidays 2017

Memorial Day 2017

Memorial Day means different things to different people. For some it’s an excellent excuse for a cookout. (I mean, really, who is going to say no to a cookout?) Others enjoy the extra day off work. Or it’s simply another work day with slightly different hours. . . Creative people celebrate the extra time to enjoy their craft of choice while children know it as a day when they don’t have to go to school. But what is Memorial Day really about?