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Jennifer Lauren Handmade Sorrel Dress Pattern Review

I whipped up this Sorrel dress a few weeks ago as my final tester version for Jen of Jennifer Lauren Handmade. She opened a Kickstarter on November 1st to fund the process of getting the Sorrel dress available as a printed pattern (rather than just a PDF like the rest of her patterns) and her initial goal was fully funded within 24 hours!! Wow! She has since added a stretch goal of getting another of her patterns printed too.

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Jennifer Lauren Handmade Felicity Dress Pattern Review

I purchased the Felicity dress pattern several years ago during a Black Friday sale. I’ve sewn up one version in a solid yellow mystery fabric from my stash but it has been extremely difficult to get good pictures of it. Something about all the yellow throws off the lighting of my camera.

This past week I finally made a second version and I love it even more than the first!

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Deer and Doe Cardamome Dress WIP Progress 1

As you may have seen from this post, I’ve made one version of the Deer and Doe Cardamome dress so far. I cannot express how pleased I am with how it turned out and I immediately started digging through my stash to find fabric for a second version.

I purchased this lovely quilting cotton from a semi-local fabric shop and I originally was planning to make my bazillionth version of the Megan Nielsen Matilda dress from it. But that plan has been ditched and it is now well on its way to become Cardamome #2.

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Jennifer Lauren Handmade Felicity Dress WIP Progress #1

I am sewing up a second Jennifer Lauren Handmade Felicity dress out of some gorgeous fabric I received in the last round of Fibre Share. I haven’t blogged about the first version because it is yellow which, I have discovered, is incredibly hard to photograph! I have attempted three separate photoshoots none of which have resulted in good pictures. There were some adequate ones, but I’m too picky to want to use those.

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September 2018 Make for MCBN

Do you have a specific independent sewing pattern company that you just cannot seem to get and use enough of their patterns? I do! I am still obsessed with Deer and Doe. I am determined to make nearly every one of their patterns.

My current favorite of their patterns is the Cardamome dress. That bib detailing is amazing! I waited for such a long time to attempt sewing my version of this dress because I was quite worried that it wouldn’t look at all right on me.