Pine Trees and Frost: A Tilly and the Buttons Agnes Review

Hello my dears,

While my sisters were here, I offered to do some sewing for them if needed. My younger sister took me up on the offer and asked me to sew her a long sleeved t-shirt. Not including popping to Joann for the fabric, this shirt took me about half an hour to whip up. Which is pretty fantastic! This was my fourth time using the Tilly and the Buttons Agnes pattern, so it's no wonder that it came together that quickly.


When Sisters Come to Town

Hello my dears!

I have been rather silent on all social medias the past week. My sisters and best pals have been in town visiting which means loads of shenanigans! We've been hanging out, watching movies, crafting, visiting friends, and even managed a trip to the beach. It has all been rather splendid! (I will forewarn you: this is a picture heavy post without much blathering from yours truly.)


Hydrangeas – Gertie’s Princess Seam Dress

One of the biggest perks of knowing how to sew is the ability to make beautiful dresses for my sister. She fell in love with this hydrangea print fabric when we stopped by Hancock fabrics during their closing sales last year. We purchased three yards and had just enough to squeeze out this dress. Literally,… Continue reading Hydrangeas – Gertie’s Princess Seam Dress