Emmy Couture Podcast

Episode 49 | Sweaters, Floozy Kits, and Crochet

In this episode I discuss the yarn kits I have put together for Libby Jonson's (aka Truly Myrtle) new Floozy cardigan design, show off all of my current knitting WIPs, talk about the fun crochet project I'm hooking away on, share my sewing plans for upcoming Minerva Crafts Blogger Network makes, and gush over the amazing vacation Evan and I went on in July. 

Emmy Couture Podcast

Episode 48 || Chatting & Fading

Or perhaps more appropriately titled "Emily can't think of any synonyms for the word 'excited.'" ๐Ÿ˜‚ I hesitate to even entertain the thought of counting the total times I declared how "excited" I was! It was pretty bad. But at least I was enthusiastic.

Emmy Couture Podcast

Episode 44 | Short and Sweet

Hello my dears,

I have been fairly busy dealing with a head cold and the urge to completely reorganize the house. Even though I don't have quite as much crafty content as normal, I am still extremely pleased with what I've gotten done. I finally finished my first pair of socks for 2018!!! Plus I've managed to finish both heels on another pair of socks which means it won't be long before they're completed too.

Keep your eye out for a look at some new yarns that will be going up in the shop tomorrow! I am thrilled with how they turned out and I think you will be too.