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Water Nymph Socks WIP Progress #2

I’ve finished the first sock! Isn’t it lovely? Knitting it definitely took longer than my usual vanilla socks, but it was such fun to watch it grown as I completed each repeat of the chart.

Emmy Couture Yarns · Knitting · WIPs

Pumpkin Wool and Honey Sweater – Andrea Mowry WIP Progress #2

I have been chugging right along with my Wool and Honey Sweater. It is fairly mindless so far despite the beautiful honeycomb pattern. I hadn’t fully realized that this sweater is nearly entirely knit in garter!

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Pumpkin Wool and Honey Sweater – Andrea Mowry WIP Progress 1

Have you seen Andrea Mowry’s Wool and Honey sweater pattern?? I fell in love with it the moment I laid eyes on it. I purchased the pattern the day it was released and that is something I NEVER do. Not because I don’t want to buy all of the amazing patterns that indie designers are releasing, but because I don’t usually have lots of extra room in my budget for knitting patterns that I may or may not use.

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Lofoten Sweater | Finished Project

I've knit several cardigans over the past few years since I became more serious about knitting, but never dared brave the world of pullovers.

And then I saw Emily's podcast where she was talking about this new sweater design she was working on. As soon as I clapped eyes on it, I fell madly in love! I couldn't get it out of my mind. I immediately volunteered for test knitting, and started scheming up different colorway combinations.

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More Knits Ode To Spring Shawl Pattern Review

The day has arrived! Abby of the More Knits Podcast has released her latest design: the Ode to Spring shawl. This triangular shawl is made up of alternating sections of 2-color brioche and garter stitch. It is mindless and perfect for a cozy evening snuggled up to watch your favorite movie or tv show. There is enough changes to prevent boredom, but it isn't so complicated that you must be undistracted in order to work on it. I am so glad I was able to be a test knitter!