Our Wedding Reception

Although my husband and I were officially married back in July, we both wanted to have a simple wedding reception to celebrate, followed by a short honeymoon. The silence around here has been due to both those events happening this past week. We had a lovely honeymoon that involved visiting the Smithsonian Zoo in Washington… Continue reading Our Wedding Reception


Pioneer Dress Refashion: Sprigged Cambie Dress

Today I have a fun little refashion. This is a "pioneer" dress that my older sister gave me several years ago. I have been meaning to redo it for forever! But I waffled around until a week or two ago when I wanted something easy to do. I sat down and unpicked the whole thing,… Continue reading Pioneer Dress Refashion: Sprigged Cambie Dress

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Gingham Square Dance Dress: Sewaholic Cambie

I have often seen pictures of vintage style, square dancing dresses on google, or Pinterest. Their twirly delightfulness captures my interest every time! (The sources are as follows: 1. Source 2. Source 3. Source 4. Source 5. Source ) How gorgeous are those! I loved watching Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Oklahoma, and various other Rogers and Hammerstein movies and seeing… Continue reading Gingham Square Dance Dress: Sewaholic Cambie