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New Blog Series: What Am I Making?

I have decided to change things up a little. Instead of my usual “finished garment” post, I am going to share some “work-in-progress” photos. I’ve noticed that I am constantly trying to come up with a new sewing project in order to have a blog post. The problem? I am finding my wardrobe to be full of garments that I made merely for the purpose of blogging rather than something I actually want/need. . . I think that the process of creating is just as fascinating (if not more so!) than the finished product. Does this mean I will no longer be blogging about my makes? Absolutely not!! I just want to share a few more “behind-the-scenes” posts. I’ve decided to start a series of blog posts called: “What Am I Making?” The goal of this series is to celebrate the joy of the creative process.


To kick off this series I wanted to share my current sewing project: a yellow Felicity dress. I haven’t managed to get much work done on it yet, but I figured that this would be a short and sweet announcement post. Next time I will have several more in-process shots to share!

Preparing to cut everything out.

The Felicity Dress is a pattern designed by Jen from Jennifer Lauren Handmade. I am actually using only the bodice portion of the dress. I have a very limited amount of fabric so I decided a basic gathered skirt with in-seam pockets was the way to go. Gathered skirts are one of the best ways to use up almost every bit of your fabric! Usually, they are just two or three rectangles gathered up to the width of the bodice. I prefer to sew either circle or flared skirts since they skim over the hips quite elegantly, but since this fabric is rather drapey, I thought it wouldn’t add too much bulk.

The aftermath!!

Let me know what you all think about this new series. Is it super boring? Would you rather I just post about finished outfits?

Have a jolly day!



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