Gray Beach Days: Andi Satterlund’s Miette Cardigan

As you can see, these pictures definitely aren’t of the beach! Hopefully you aren’t too disappointed. . . With the mix of oranges, blues, and the grey edgings, I’ve found this cardigan to remind me of those days when the sun is peeping out between dark beautiful storm clouds over a rolling aquamarine ocean. Which explains why I am calling it my Grey Beach Days Cardigan.


This is the Miette Cardigan by Andi Satterlund. (I’ve posted some in-progress notes over on my Ravelry project page.) I found this cardigan to be as simple to knit up as I remembered. This is my fourth version of this pattern. The one I made for myself quite some time ago was actually the first garment I knit. It had several issues with it, but I was so proud of it! It was a huge milestone in my knitting journey.


Quite appropriately, I learned a few things as I made this cardigan up too. While I was in the middle of knitting it, I realized that I had been working my yarn overs incorrectly. I was too far along to bother with ripping it out completely, but now I know why the lace pattern has never shown up very well even after blocking. Basically, I was twisting the yarn over which meant it wasn’t leaving a little lace hole. Now that I’ve figured this out, yarn overs are actually one of my favorite stitches to work while knitting!


To reenforce the button bands, I hand stitched some interfaced grosgrain ribbon to them. I love how this adds durability as well as making it easier to find the button holes. I followed Lauren’s fantastic tutorial that you can find here.



I used Big Twist yarn from Joann in the Sixties Stripe color way for the main body, and in a light grey for the ribbing, cuff, and neck and button bands. I initially thought I wouldn’t have enough of the main yarn to knit an entire sweater, which is why I used the contrasting yarn, but I ended up having an entire skien left over! In the end, I’m glad I went ahead and used the grey yarn. I feel like it tones down the overall brightness of the cardigan and makes it easier to wear.



The yarn is a bulkier weight than recommended in the pattern, and I probably could have gone down a size. But I rather like the fact that it is extra warm and cozy and slightly oversized. I have enjoyed wearing it quite a bit since I finished it. It has been amazing to have on hand with all the cold weather!



I am very pleased with this cardigan. I was a little worried that I wouldn’t end up wearing it very much, but those fears were groundless. I cannot wait to cast on my next project.


Have a jolly day!


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