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2017 Make Nine

The Make Nine Initiative was started by Rochelle who blogs over at Lucky Lucille. (You can read all the details at this blog post.) In a brief summary: the goal of the Make Nine Initiative is to encourage creativity by choosing nine sewing or knitting patterns/projects (or any other hobbies) that you want to make throughout 2017. One of the benefits of this “challenge” is it’s total flexibility. If a pattern that you have selected at the beginning of the year becomes less appealing as time passes, you can simply switch it out.

Considering January is already half over, it has taken me quite some time to decide what patterns I want to use! But better late than never. These are the patterns I have come up with. I am almost positive that I will change out a couple of them, but this is the general idea


1. Hollyburn Skirt – Sewaholic


I have wanted to make the Hollyburn skirt for a couple of years now. For some reason I have always put it off. No more! This skirt needs to become part of my wardrobe this year.

2. Felicity Dress – Jennifer Lauren Handmade


Ever since the Felicity Dress pattern came out, I have wanted to sew it up. I finally purchased it during the 2016 Black Friday sales. I am so excited to make this for summer time.

3. Basic Blazer/Jacket – Simplicity 1421


This pattern has been in my stash for a couple of years. I would like to class my current wardrobe up a little, and I think a simple fitted blazer is just the ticket. I might change it up a little to make sure it fits with the “vintage inspired” style I love. Honestly though, one can’t go wrong with something as classic as this!

4. Vintage Style Bolero – Self Drafted or Simplicity 1319


This is another pattern that has been languishing in my stash for far too long. I haven’t decided yet whether I want to use Simplicity 1319 or if I will put my pattern drafting skills to use. We’ll see! Regardless, I love how a simple bolero/cropped jacket can really pull together an outfit. Plus, they help summery dresses and tops transition between the different seasons.

5. Sew Many Dresses – Tanya Whelan


I received this book as one of my Christmas presents. I haven’t decided which combination dress I want to make yet, but I know I want to sew something from it this year!

6. Gertie’s Ultimate Dress Book – Gretchen Hirsch


The same goes for this book. I have made a couple of dresses for my younger sister from this book, and a few things for myself from Gertie Sews Vintage Casual. Despite having this book for almost a year, I have yet to sew something from it for myself. A problem that must be remedied!

7. Miette Cardigan – Andi Satterlund


I actually have this pattern about 75% made up. I’ve been working away at it over the past couple of weeks. This will most likely be the first of my Make Nine Patterns that I complete. Update: Gray Beach Days Cardigan 

8. I Heart Bees Socks – Vanessa Townley


Those of you who watched my Top 10 Goals video will know that I want to figure out how to knit socks this year. Well, one of the sock patterns I want to knit up is the I Heart Bees socks. Considering that my husband and I own a bee hive, anything bee related is a winner in my books.

9. Mercury Socks – Kim Drotar


The Mercury Socks pattern has been making the rounds through the knitting podcasting world. And for good reason. I have already nearly finished my first sock using this pattern and it has been a dream to knit. I definitely want to make a few more pairs!

And that is my official Make Nine pattern list! I have several additional projects I hope to work on this year, but it is nice to have a core list. Now every time I finish something from this, I will feel like I have achieved something extra special. I cannot wait to update this with links to blog posts showing off the finished products! I hope you all have been inspired to Make Nine too.

Have a jolly day!



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