Scottie Dog Flannel Circle Skirt

Hello everyone!

I have a special announcement to tell you all about. I have included my short announcement video below that you can watch to learn all the details. I hope you are as excited about it as I am!

You can find my shop here.

Moving on from all that excitement,Β I have something a little selfish to share with you. With all of the Christmas sewing out of the way, I was able to make something for myself, at last! It feels as if it has been simply ages since I sewed something super simple and that I was so excited about. Circle skirts are some of the easiest projects to just whip out. Because of this, I don’t have a ton of details to waffle on about, so you will get to enjoy a mostly pictures post.



This circle skirt was made from a self-drafted pattern. I am already very familiar with the process of making a circle skirt, but I think I use the By Hand London Circle Skirt Calculator every single time to get my waist radius! You would think I would have it memorized by now, but for some reason I always forget it. . .



I made this skirt out of some basic flannel that I purchased at Joann over the Black Friday weekend. I love this fabric so. so. much! I have a thing for Scottie dogs. They and corgis are my favorite breeds of dogs. When I saw this fabric at the store the first time, I knew I wanted to purchase it at some point. As Joann has a super flannel sale every year around Black Friday, it was obviously the wisest course of action to just wait a couple of weeks before buying it. I managed to get this very full, 28 inch long skirt out of three yards of fabric. I was quite impressed with myself.



I have a little secret to tell you about this skirt. I haven’t hemmed it yet. . . I had just hand stitched the hems of two other circle skirts, which took about three hours each. I just haven’tΒ worked up the motivation to hem this skirt. I know I’ll get to it at some point.



And that’s all for today. I have a birthday coming up in a few days and I am planning to film a vlog for that, so keep your eyes open!

Have a jolly day!



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