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One Week One Pattern – Round Up

One Week One Pattern officially ends today. I have so enjoyed participating in it. It’s kind of like a miniature Me-Made-May. You’ve already seen day 1 and 2 here, but I have five more outfits to show you.

Day 3:

Outfit: Self-drafted tulip skirt and grey sweetheart tee.


Day 4:

Outfit: Thrifted capris and cardigan with pink sweetheart tee.


Day 5:

Outfit: Refashioned floral knit skirt with black sweetheart tee turned dress.


Day 6:

Outfit: Red circle skirt with grey sweetheart tee. (Sorry about the grainy quality, it was a lovely overcast day with beautiful weather and horrible photographing light!)


Day 7:

Outfit: Black sweetheart tee turned dress. (I have another post planned about how I changed this t-shirt into a dress coming in a few days.)


And that’s a wrap. As I have said several times, I quite love this challenge. I hope it is hosted again next year!

Jolly day to you!



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