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I’m married!

I’ve been waiting to write this post because I wanted to make sure all my extended family and friends knew first. Due to several circumstances, (my family had moved out of state, I was struggling to find a job to pay my bills, I was living in a place with no air conditioning in the middle of hot, muggy Virginia summer, etc.) my fiancé and I decided to go ahead and tie the knot. preview

We had a private ceremony on July 15th. His parents were able to attend, but, unfortunately my family wasn’t able to be there since they are in the thick of building their new house. We are having an informal reception in a few weeks so that some of our friends, and hopefully my family, can celebrate the occasion.

A quick note on my dress, it is a Sewaholic Cambie dress with a half circle skirt, and a corset tie back. We weren’t able to get any really good pictures of it at the ceremony, but hopefully I’ll be able to put the dress back on and get a few bridal shots at some point. I am right in the middle of making an ivory dress to wear to the reception. I will definitely have some pictures of it after the fact! But. . . Now I can talk about my husband all. the. time!

Jolly day to you!




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