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Sunshine and Bunnies: Butterick 6217


Hello all!

I just have a short little blog post for you today. I’ve been scheming up plans for a couple different blog post series that I hope to have up and running soon! To hold you over, let me tell you about this cute top I made earlier this summer.


This is Butterick 6217, which IΒ have made two or three times. For this variation, I shortened the top by two or three inches due to fabric shortages. I raised the neckline by one inch. Other than that, it’s a straight size 14. I could probably go down a size if I did a FBA, but I haven’t gotten around to doing that. It is a little looser around the waist than I would prefer, but it is totally wearable.



I purchased the fabrics for this shirt sometime last summer, and they have been sitting in my stash ever since, waiting for the perfect project. It looked like they were originally going to be turned into a baby blanket. I had to use my handy dandy seam ripper to take the yellow eyelet lace off of the pale yellow fabric. The other fabric is one of the mostΒ adorable fabrics I have ever seen! It is covered in little bunnies. I’ve included a close up of the print below:IMG_3535.jpg


I had maybe a yard of each, so I knew it couldn’t be anything complicated. It took me Forever to decided on this top. I originally tried to get the whole shirt out of one or the other fabric, but just one look at the pattern pieces compared with the yardage and I knew it was a lost cause.

Anyway, one day while I was taking a walk, a brilliant idea popped into my head. Why couldn’t I cut the front from one fabric and the back and ties from the other? As you can see, that is what I did. . . It worked like a charm. Somehow, I managed to create a shirt with extremely limited material!



Overall, I love this top! I used little pearl buttons that I salvaged from a cardigan I no longer wanted. I trimmed the sleeves and hem with the yellow eyelet lace that came with the fabrics. It’s just so sunshiny and cute with all the bunnies on it! I love little sketchy cartoony pictures of animals, and these wee chaps remind me of classic picture book illustrations.



I’ll be back soon with my new, fun little blog series.

Jolly day to you!



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