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Summer Traveling Tips

IMG_0328Summer is at its height just now! With August just beginning, I imagine that most of you are hurrying to finish all the vacation plans before school starts back up and Autumn returns. I teamed up with HomeAway to write a post about all of my favorite traveling tips, which is what I intend to share today. Before I get to the post, here is an article about some of HomeAway’s best vacation ideas. Also, there are no affiliate links in this post. I just linked to items I genuinely appreciate. I’ll be sure to tell you if I ever become part of an affiliate program!

Alrighty! Here we go!

Travel Do’s:

  1. When planning to travel by plane, be sure to forego the ornate hairstyle. It is a little annoying when the security guard has to pat down your hair due to the amount of bobby pins! I’d recommend a simple braid, ponytail, or just down.


2. Wear comfortable clothes while traveling. A relaxed t-shirt and comfy pants make for a cozy style, while a simple skirt and blouse will look a little dressier without sacrificing practicality. This outfit would be almost the best of both worlds:


3. If you intend to be outside, bring lots of sunscreen. It is a good idea to bring it even if you don’t plan on being outdoors much. Seriously, no one likes skin cancer!

4. Bring a good book. (Or two!) The stack of books by your bed will never get any smaller unless you read some. A vacation is the perfect opportunity for some lazy reading days.


5. For all the crafty people out there, be sure to bring a little project. Maybe its knitting, crocheting, or some hand sewing. If you are more into the drawing, painting sort of things tote along a sketch book and a couple of pencils. Nothing complicated. You can always do the touch ups after you return home!


Travel Don’t’s:

  1. Don’t forget your camera! Whether it’s a fancy $300 contraption, or just your phone, don’t leave it behind. There is nothing worse than seeing that perfect shot and being unable to capture it. Pictures last forever and are the perfect for jogging your memory.
  2. Don’t forget your technology chargers, i.e. phone, computer, camera. You don’t want to run out of battery!
  3. Don’t over stuff your suitcases. I can’t tell you how aggravating it is to be packing up to come home and there is no longer room anywhere for all the stuff you want to take home. Try to eliminate that problem by planning for it in advance
  4. Don’t go on your trip without a budget of some sort. Whether that means you limit your souvenir purchases to $50, or determine that you will only go out to eat twice a day, it is better to have some sort of check point. I wouldn’t want to come back from my nice relaxing vacation only to be bombarded with a horrific credit card bill!
  5. And finally, Don’t forget to have fun! A vacation that is filled to the brim with crazy schedules and tons of rushing kinda defeats the point. I want you to come back relaxed and ready to take on the world, not in need of a vacation from a vacation!

That’s it from me! I’ll be posting about a couple of my favorite dresses in the next day or so.

Jolly day to you!



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