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Scallops and Heart Buttons: Simplicity 1460


It is quite shocking how dealing with extreme humidity (without air conditioning!), job searching, planning a wedding ceremony/reception, dealing with family politics, and still trying to maintain some semblance of sanity can suck your time away like a fat old leech. Such is life. I shall refrain from boring you with my resistance to being an adult and instead tell you all about my adorable dress!


I have been spending a great deal of my time planning out what pattern and fabric to use for my wedding dress. To insure an amazing end result, I knew I wanted to make a couple “test” dresses first. I had three pattern contenders: Simplicity 1460, the Sewaholic Cambie dress, and a seriously mashed up McCalls 5094 (which appears to be out of print, but can be found here). Having made Simplicity 1460 nearly a half dozen times in the past, I started with it first:

Picture Source: Simplicity Patterns

Previously, I’ve always made View B, but I was inspired by several wedding dresses I had seen online with lovely scalloped necklines. View C looked pretty much perfect. My only concern with the pattern was that it might end up a little low cut, and I couldn’t think of a way to raise the neckline without ruining the scallops. Thankfully, that didn’t end up being an issue since I still don’t know how to make that adjustment!


I used size 14 with a minor FBA. In the past I used size 16 straight from the envelope, but this time around, I know more about fitting. It was spot on. I’m so glad I trusted my developed sewing skills rather than going with what I had done in the past! The blue gingham fabric was a leftover scrap from a dress I made for a friend. I bought the fabric from the Red Tag section at Joann Fabrics when they were having a sale. I loved it so much that it sat in my stash for a year or two! I finally used most of it for the aforementioned friend, all the while hoping I would have enough left over to make a little something for myself. I didn’t know what to make, so the bits and bobs sat in my stash once again for almost a year to the day. Then I needed some fabric to test this bodice with. Knowing Simplicity 1460 as I do, I figured it would fit first time around so, gathering up my courage, I cut away.


The skirt fabric is a neutral denim blue fabric that I thrifted several years ago. It is just a basic half circle skirt. Instead of hemming it like usual, I cut out 2 inch wide bias strips. I sewed them to the bottom, wrong sides together, with a narrow 1/4 inch (or less) seam allowance. Then I ironed down a narrow 1/4 inch on the opposite side of the binding and sewed it, right sides together, to the skirt. It was just the look I wanted! I used the leftover binding to trim the top of the pockets.


The red heart buttons have been in my stash for several years as well. I accidentally made the buttonholes a wee bit too small, so it was a challenge to get the dress on and off the first couple of times! They have stretched a little with wear, so they are much more useable now.



All in all, it was a cheerful little sew. Plus, since the materials all came from my stash, it was basically free! I enjoy wearing the dress, and have gotten several compliments. My favorite was when a little girl in a public bathroom told me she liked my dress. I thought it was just so cute!


Jolly day to you!



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