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Fourth of July Dress: 2015


I sewed up this dress last year for the Fourth of July. I am almost positive that I used McCall’s 6891, but I don’t have the pattern in front of me to double-check. I used a quilting cotton and red buttons from Joann, and the lace around the armholes is from my stash .


I didn’t have to make any major changes to this pattern in order for it to fit. I might have done a FBA, but I don’t remember for sure. I did use a circle skirt instead of the more subdued skirt that the pattern required. I wanted to get that retro/vintage 1950’s look.


There is a bit of a story behind this fabric. I actually purchased it in 2014 with the intent of making a July 4th dress, but never ended up getting around to it. A year rolled by and I decided to finally cut into the “precious” fabric. It was a good decision!Β I didn’t worry too much about pattern matching the fabric since the stripes were so small, and I rather like the fun way that the stripes ended up laying.


I am also wearing a me-made crinolineΒ underneath. I need to get crinolines figured out! This one is actually only the second or third I have sewn up. The first one was made following this tutorial way back when I first started sewing, and, in my ignorance, I threw it in the washer and dryer more than once, which has reduced its fluffiness significantly. This time around, I wanted it to be super puffy. I didn’t have the time to do it correctly with the tiers and whatnot that help achieve the desired floof, so I pretty much just gathered a ton of tulle into a smaller waistband. Unfortunately, I did not pull the elastic in the waist tight enough, so theΒ crinoline has a tendency to sag. Ah, well. Now I know for next time!


Jolly day to you!



The hair scarf I am wearing is the Brigette Scarf by Tilly and the Buttons. You can follow her fantastic tutorial here.


4 thoughts on “Fourth of July Dress: 2015

  1. Hello, Emmy, dear~!
    That’s a lovely dress, hon. I love the fun colors, and the fact that you could wear it on any occasion and not just the fourth of July! If I may, I would never suggest you make a petticoat with an elastic casing, or Joanns/Hancock fabric’s tulle. Or, any big box tulle for that matter. Elastic will always slip down the waist, because of the weight of the petticoat. And, dress/costume tulle is too soft- what most stores claim is crinoline, isn’t strong enough. I’ve made many a petticoat, and have learned this all the hard way… 😏


    1. Thank you for the advice, Aja! I should quite like to expand my crinoline/petticoat sewing capabilities, so I deeply appreciate any tips or hints I can get. Do you have a specific place you recommend purchasing crinoline netting? I’m not very familiar with any fabric supply places other than Joann, Hancock, or And is there any tutorial out there that you would consider the best for learning how to make a crinoline?


      1. Well, I do have a few places that I buy, from, but one needs to have a wholesale license to purchase a good amount {yucky licenses!}… I have a bank of tutorials I’ll try and get them to you. However, I feel they’re all missing a lot of information. I do plan on making a full in-depth tutorial and doing a link up on my blog soon. I have the project ready, I just need to get started. 😊

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  2. Thank you! I would be very interested in seeing your tutorial after you post it. I have done a significant amount of research, but have never seemed to be able to find a satisfactory tutorial that told me everything I wanted to know. It is a bummer that a wholesale license is required! Thank you again for your help!


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