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Sisters and a Blue Dress: Simplicity 1587

My family recently moved out of state, but, before they left, my sisters and I decided to do a mini photoshoot as a sort of last fling. I also had another dress from last summer to share, so it was a lovely opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.


This is Simplicity 1587. When I made this dress, I figured that I would have to do some serious adjustments to is to make it work. First I tried to add gathers to create a fudged FBA. That attempt turned out way, way to big and there was a load of fabric bunching around everywhere.


On my second attempt, I tried to turn the gathers into darts, but I didn’t account for any ease, so it turned out much too small. I decided then to just try it straight from the envelope. Lo, and behold, it fit pretty much perfectly!


I’m not enormously fond of gathers because it doesn’t end up looking super fitted, but it fits and is pretty comfortable. I decided to just do a circle skirt instead of trying to mess with fitting the other skirt. I had already had enough mishaps with the bodice.



I inserted a lapped side zipper, and added a pocket in the opposite seam. I omitted the sleeves, and just used lace to finish the armholes. I tend to have difficulty fitting sleeves, which means that, more often than not, I just leave them off and add lace or bias binding. It ends up working out pretty well.



I am wearing a petticoat underneath my dress, because it was quite cold outside. I only took off my sweater so that I could show off the details.





It is my personal opinion that Kristin is pretty much the most gorgeous person I know. The only other person that gives her a run for her money is Photographer Sister. They are both about the best people in the world. I miss them very much now that they have moved away. I’m too used to us girls taking on the world together!


Jolly day to you!



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