Butterick 6018: The Blue Danube Dress


Hello Lads and Lassies,

This dress is one of the many versions of Butterick 6018 that I have made. So far, I have made about five dresses from this pattern for *Photographer Sister, and four for myself. This is definitely a tried and true pattern. I always turn to this pattern when I need to sew up a dress in a short amount of time!


This one is sewn up in my standard fabric: a lovely quilting cotton from Joann. I can not find the exact print, but here is a simlilar, albeit more expensive, fabric.


I didn’t make any adjustments that I recall, I just made up a straight size twelve. And, luckily enough, it fit amazingly! I did omit the sleeves, and instead used lace from my stash to finish the armholes.


Jolly day to you!


*Photographer Sister is the pictured gorgeous young lady, who happens to be my younger sister, for whom I have sewn quite a few clothes.


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