A Vintage Treasure: 1940’s Glamour


As I was making a quick run-through Goodwill recently, in search of a sewing machine, I decided to make a quick peek at the dresses. The first gown to catch my eye was a lovely, blue-purple lavender with a ruffled neckline and white trim. The skirt looked suspiciously full, so I didn’t wait to thoroughly inspect this alluring garment.


Upon further investigation, I discovered that the dress had a metal zipper, and pinked seams. While these two factors didn’t automatically define the dress as true vintage; they, combined with the overall dress style, did give me a good enough reason to purchase to dress for a steal of $7.



I took it back to my family’s house, and, as my younger sister has a perfect 1940’s body shape, I quite politely begged her to try on the dress. Having already succumbedΒ to its beauty, she was ready and willing. It fit her perfectly, as you can see.



The dress has a double layered, five-gored skirt; three in front, and two wider ones in the back, with a darted bodice. It has a lapped zipper, and a hook attached to the lace in the back to hold the lap closed when it is being worn. I will probably post some more detail shots at a later date.








Jolly day to you!



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